Personal Advent Calendar – Your Kids’ Strengths


We’ve been talking about how leveraging your own character strengths improves your leadership, relationships, health and longevity.

But Christmas is all about the kids, so I thought I’d sign off for the holidays with something about them.  Lots of research has been done on children’s character strengths and how they help them do well.

You can predict school success by looking at kids’ strengths of self-regulation, perseverance and love of learning (Weber & Ruch, 2012b); a child’s popularity is linked to their character strengths of leadership, fairness and forgiveness (Park & Peterson, 2009b).

Character strengths are a wonderful way to help all children feel they have something special to offer (regardless of whether they’re good at footie or maths) and they can be actively developed.

The most prevalent character strengths in very young children are love, kindness, creativity, curiosity, and humour (Park & Peterson, 2006a) but everyone’s different.  What are your kids’ strengths?

By the way, parent’s strength of self-regulation is strongly associated with his or her child’s life satisfaction, but not their own (Park & Peterson, 2006a). I think that means if you resist the “just one more drink/mince pie/cheese” thought, your kids will thank you in the long run but then again it’s christmas and you deserve a break too!

Merry Christmas!





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