Your Personal Advent Calendar Day 10


The lovely Hari Miller at TSB shared a fantastic Christmas card from the Quietroom today:

christmas card


It’s a fantastic entree into another character strength we all have (some more than others, but in there nevertheless) – humour.

When you’re in touch this strength, you are skilled at laughing and gentle teasing, at bringing smiles to the faces of others, at seeing the light side and at making (not necessarily telling) jokes.

On a serious note, humour make the human condition more bearable by drawing attention to its contradictions, by sustaining good cheer in the face of difficulty, by building social bonds and by lubricating social interaction.

People with a humorous outlook are able to understand the insufficiencies and shortcomings of life but also tolerate and forgive them.

Humour and playfulness are fulfilling.  They produce amusement and other positive emotions both amongst onlookers and those who initiate it.  It feels good to play and make others laugh.

Humour is linked to good mood and it buffers the effect on mood of life stress and daily hassles.  It is also healthy: habitual laughter can create physiological changes for the better across multiple bodily systems.

So more funny cards please!


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