Your Personal Advent Calendar Day 16


It’s the last week of work before Christmas and I bet you don’t have much time to read blogs so here’s a heavily summarised version of why leveraging your strength of Fairness will increase your performance and wellbeing:

  1. It’s fulfilling.
  2. It builds self-esteem by creating a feeling that you have done the right thing, even if that was difficult.
  3. It promotes personal growth because thinking about what is fair enhances perspective taking (the ability to imaginatively place yourself in the issues of another) and emotional responsiveness.
  4. Exposure to alternate views, beliefs and values enables you to reflect effectively on your own ways of approaching life and make appropriate adjustments for your own benefit.
  5. It’s linked to loving to learn and seek new challenges; enjoying intellectually stimulating environments; reflecting; setting goals; and having broad social support for work and accomplishments.

Fairy good (geddit? groan!)


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