Your Personal Advent Calendar Days 11-13

app beautyWeekend again!  So hopefully there’s a bit more space for being rather than doing.  Perhaps some time to get in touch with the character strength Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence.

This strength enables you to feel awe, admiration, wonder and elevation.  It connects you to something larger than yourself whether it is beautiful music, skilled performance, the majesty of nature or the strength of other people.

Appreciating beauty and excellence helps you find more joy in day life, more ways to find meaning in your own life and more ways to connect deeply with other people.

The appreciation of beauty is fulfilling in that it leads to a feeling of oneness with the universe, a sense of truth and a vividness of sensation and perception.

Scientific research links appreciation of beauty and excellence to openness to experience, agreeableness and extroversion.  By contrast people with a high degree of materialism seem less likely to be high in this sort of appreciation.

Whilst there is little research in this area, Martin Seligman suggests that appreciation will correlate with a wide variety of positive outcomes such as relationship commitment, altruism, warmth and connection towards others, enhanced social relationships and greater purpose in life.

So, maybe take a moment to look up at the stars rather than down at the Christmas shopping list this weekend 🙂


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