If productivity matters to you, read this

organisationOur mission in life is to help people flourish and organisations be more productive.

This year we developed our Version1 software and we are besides ourselves with delight to announce that we recently won an InnovateUK competition to look at the feasibility of developing our approach into a platform to improve UK Productivity.

In this busy, complicated world, we all stand to gain if we can become more productive. As organisations we can mitigate the risks of Brexit and get superior results; as people we can enjoy more time to do what matters and a greater sense of accomplishment.

BUT our capacity to be productive is the result of many inter-connected factors. As people, these include our energy, our capacity to think effectively and our ability to get things done. As organisations, it includes leadership, talent and culture to name just three.

We know that you know a lot about this! And all of us working together could create something rather awesome. So, will you join our LinkedIn group to help us identify the key factors that increase (and reduce) productivity for people and organisations?

In the group we’ll be gathering and sharing insights to help us all create continuous positive change.

Here’s the link to the group: ProductiveUK



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