Why we are different

Flourishzone synthesises the science of optimal performance into engaging formats that sustain continuous growth and development.

Success in today’s complex world requires you to go beyond traditional performance criteria and to excel at three things:

But how? The answer lies in the new science of optimal human performance – the science of flourishing.

Flourishing is a state of growth and performance characterised by health and vitality. Positive psychologists and neuroscientists are identifying & validating a plethora of factors that cause people and organisations to flourish.

For individuals, these are factors are associated better wellbeing, higher levels of achievement & a richer life experience.

For organisations, these characteristics lead to transformational engagement, which in turn, is being shown in multiple organisational studies to deliver demonstrably better bottom line results, better talent retention, better customer service, higher innovation & lower absenteeism.

We’ve distilled this science into an engaging framework that people and organisations can use to increase their productivity, wellbeing and resilience over the long term. In doing this, we stand on the shoulders of giants – neuroscientists, technologists, positive psychologists and other gurus – all the great and good who are validating approaches proven to make people perform better (and, just in case you’re interested, live longer).

Our approach embeds a lighter yet significantly more productive way of working.

And it adds value to the people and organisation simultaneously because we continuously create connections between what energises human beings and what improves the bottom line.

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