Change agility

How are you building change agility?

Organisations are telling us that the pace of change in the market is increasing exponentially and that that curve balls come from all directions – global emergencies, new technologies, competitor actions.

They know they need to innovate and change faster and more effectively than ever before but they are finding this more difficult. They just can’t seem to be as innovative as they would like to.

The more they try to create change, the more people seem to subtly resist it. Change efforts might start well but struggle to keep momentum and, critically, get to the finishing posts successfully.

Is this a pattern you recognise? If so, you’re not alone! Neuroscience and psychology are illuminating the way our brains function and the news is that there is a disconnect between common approaches to change management and the way the minds of the human beings actually operate and respond to change.

We can work with you to increase the innovativeness of your people and help make change capability second nature

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