How to excel in a complex world

One thing is certain: you operate in a world where volatility, complexity, competition and the pace of change are all increasing.

Excelling in these conditions requires more than just doing your best.

You need to be productive – so you get great outputs relative to the effort invested; you need to foster wellbeing – because you can’t sustain performance without it; and you need resilience, to succeed despite ongoing pressure and consistent challenges.

The extent to which you excel is dependent on the people in your organisation. If you think about it, everything is created by people, ultimately for people and the value is achieved through people. Whatever the goal may be, it’s the people who determine whether you get average or outstanding results. So, what do your people want?

If they felt able to talk honestly, we reckon they’d say they’d love to be really productive – so they were on top of life – and they’d want to feel good. They’d know life isn’t plain sailing – we all face pressure and adversity – so they’d want the resilience to move with the times and respond positively to change.

Productivity, wellbeing and resilience are all facets of flourishing, a scientifically validated state that delivers optimal performance. If you were a flourishing organisation, how much more would you achieve? If you were in an organisation that actually helped you flourish, how much more engaging would that be?

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