Performing under pressure

What level of capacity are your key people working at? What would be the impact of them ceasing to cope?

stressedWhen we ask senior teams about how work is changing, they are unanimous in their agreement that pressure and pace are increasing.

This is driven by technology (relentless emails, social media making any faux pas visible), the need to create great results despite accelerating competition and global trends of increasing volatility and uncertainty.

These people are highly committed to their jobs. Yet they have a genuine concern about whether they can sustain the pace they’re operating at – and what impact it’s already having on their performance.

Their concerns are sensible. Science proves that, without careful management, being under constant pressure systematically reduces human performance. It:

  • reduces the ability to see a situation accurately, so increasing the likelihood of responding inappropriately
  • impairs brain function so at the very time the best thinking and creativity is required from employees, they are unable to give it
  • reduces the ability to relate well to others, so diminishing team performance and making people less effective
  • impairs immune function and contributes to the creation of serious illnesses so increasing the likelihood of employee absence

We can’t avoid pressure but we can increase our capacity to manage it effectively. Our programmes build the capability to:

  • Manage your physiology so you can think clearly under pressure
  • Increase your ability to recover effectively from pressure
  • Cope with stress in real time
  • Create the support structures that enhance your ability to cope with pressure
  • Use personal strengths to handle challenges with greater ease

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