Potential and performance

If your people used 30% more of their potential, how much would performance increase?

Ask yourself a question: what percentage of my total potential do I utilise every day?

Whenever senior management groups are asked this, the answer is consistently 40%.

Now do some quick calculations: how many people work in your business? So how many “man years” of work potential is available each year? What % of that is translating into actual performance?

What we’re finding is that leaders feel they are accessing only a small percentage of their overall potential at work and are frustrated about this. And they feel that, whilst in theory, their business has many “person years” of effort available to it, they’re only managing to convert a very small percentage of that into noticeable results. The cost:results ratio is just not good enough.

We can help you and your teams access more of your potential so you raise performance. We enable you to increase the amount of energy you are able to access, to harness your strengths more effectively and to access more of your thinking power.

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