Our purpose

We do this because we each have just one precious life and we want to live it well.

In our heart of hearts, we all want to flourish: to achieve, have vitality, feel good & be connected. We all want the skills to amplify the good stuff and let go of what isn’t helping us; we want the resilience to withstand adversity and the agility to respond positively to change.

Our “AHA moment” was when we realised that the skills of human flourishing can be applied to generate outstanding performance in organisations. We worked out that we could enable organisations to excel and simultaneously improve the lives of their people; we could increase both wellbeing and the bottom line. We could embed capabilities that people genuinely wanted to use because they know they enhance their lives overall, as well as because they increase their organisation’s performance.

So we created Flourishzone to help people and organisations create a fundamentally more fulfilling and effective way of working. It is an easily accessible framework that synthesises the science of optimal human performance into powerful formats that deliver a measurable return on investment.

Our vision is to put the tools of flourishing into the hands of people and organisations everywhere so they can continuously improve the quality of the results they get and experience more pleasure in doing so.

We believe passionately that these skills can be learnt at all ages and that these skills are not taught until it is too late – when people experience a problem. As such we are establishing a charitable foundation – Flourishzone Kids that will help children learn the skills they need to thrive so they build a positive, effective approach to life from the outset.

Find out how we do it and why we are different.