Revitalise programme

Our 1 day, deep dive, coaching programme brings clarity to your vision and accesses fresh thinking on important issues enabling you to return to the office turbo-charged and re-energised.

What is it?

A Revitalise programme is a provides a unique opportunity for business leaders to engage in high quality, accelerated thinking and visioning time. Working with an expert executive coach, it enables you to:

  • Identify or enhance your vision of yourself as a leader
  • Access fresh thinking on important issues
  • Identify and address sabotaging behaviours/blocks to effectiveness and your own fulfilment
  • Creatively problem solve around key challenges
  • Develop a strength-based action plan to progress your vision

In the beautiful surroundings of Bath, away from day-to-day pressures, you will access clarity around what is next in your leadership, business, career and/or life, generating breakthrough thinking on important issues.

Who is it for?

The programme is perfect for any senior level executive keen to vision their entire career, role in the company, or the year ahead for a new project. It’s particularly good for people who are at crossroads, have lost their energy or confidence, or need a high-impact intervention. It’s also perfect for those who cannot commit to a longer term coaching programme.

What will I get out of it?

The most typical feedback we hear is that people leave feeling turbo-charged and energised. It will enable you to focus on your future and clarify where you’re heading. This focus creates meaning and purpose, helping you to prioritise goal setting and decision making.

How does it work?

Clients begin the programme by completing stimulus questions and an online strengths questionnaire. You then arrive at your destination in Bath to work 1-to-1 with your coach for the Revitalise Day. Based on Positive Psychology, the morning is spent on visioning techniques and generative exercises, while the afternoon is focused on strength-based action planning to fulfil your vision. Two weeks’ after the Revitalise Day, you will have a one-hour follow-up coaching call to check-in on your progress.

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