In today’s market, “Doing OK” just doesn’t cut it. You operate in a fast-paced, volatile arena where you have to stand out, change quicker than your competitors and delight your customers. The danger is that you get stuck in strive mode: working harder than ever, knowing you’re not showing the flair you’re capable of and wondering how you’re going to sustain this pace.

You don’t want work to feel like this. In your heart of hearts, you – and your people – want to thrive. To feel energised, enjoy rewarding relationships, achieve something worthwhile and be in an environment that brings out your best.

Our approach enables you to resolve this strive-thrive paradox. It embeds the vitality, resilience and agility that enables you to excel in a complex world. We blend the science of optimal performance into sustainable solutions that increase both wellbeing and the bottom line. This means you can achieve better results than ever for your organisation and simultaneously improve the lives of your people. Win, win.


“Flourishzone can really make the difference to performance. Not for the faint-hearted.”

Mike Roe, CEO, Footdown